Nokia Life Tools; Inform, Involve, Empower

Latest from Nokia; ‘Inform, Involve, Empower – Nokia’s service mantra for emerging markets with Nokia Life Tools

“Filling in the information gaps in agriculture and education withNokia Life Tools, we strive to contribute towards empowering people with the right tools to help them make informed decisions in their daily lives,” said Jawahar Kanjilal, Global Head of Emerging Market Services, Nokia. “Nokia Life Tools was developed to help bridge the digital divide in the emerging markets.”

What stands out for me is the commitment Nokia is showing towards education; ‘The Education service of Nokia Life Tools aims to give students a decisive advantage by boosting their English language and local, national and international general knowledge. Language lessons, quizzes on English words and phrases, and the general knowledge information were designed – together with EnableM for the pilot – to give students
an edge. In future, the Education service will also come with information on higher education and career guidance and tips, exam preparation, quizzes and access to exam results.’

Nokia also launched their cheapest phone today, the 1202, which should come in at €25. Features include a flashlight, 9 hour talk time and has multiple phone books and time and pre-paid tracker.

Nokia shows how its done once again.

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5 Responses to “Nokia Life Tools; Inform, Involve, Empower”

  1. Kruno Says:

    25 pounds is nice, But its average 50 workdays pay , providing u eat nothing. I believe thats about 2 US$ er day for poorest classes (Kasta) in India. As a technology – its very nice to see that they CAN make a mobile phone for 25 bucks. So why they don’t sell it in there ussual markets allso?

  2. Alanis Says:

    Thank for your work. This entry make me know something kakaka.

  3. Fritts Says:

    Just WOOW,
    This is exactly what they should say in a yahoo group,i forgot its name,
    Thanks very much,
    I would like you to correct all those noobs who just keep blabing about this all around the internet.

    Bokmarked your blog and count me as a loyal reader.

  4. Dennis Says:

    thanks for should see this topic

  5. Kisinger Says:


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