Ushahidi in Democratic Republic of Congo

Ushahidi is being deployed in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) as a working prototype.

‘We need to get the message to the people on the ground in the Eastern Congo that this tool is now available for them to report incidents in on. If you have contacts there, or can help spread the word through some other means, it would be a great help if you did so – even if it’s just point them to the website or telling them about the SMS number.’

The number is +243992592111 website is

Spread the word.

Posted by email from Design in Africa (posterous)

2 Responses to “Ushahidi in Democratic Republic of Congo”

  1. Mapics Says:

    Hi i am glad for this site,please i have forwarded this site a several people who have connection to DRC,Thanks what is happening to our brothers and sister is a catastrophy we as kenyans cannot sit and watch this god given country is going to waste.

  2. Kruno Says:

    “democratic” republic of Kongo. Yeah, right. Go research which very expensive ores and minerals are in that part – and ull get a clear picture who nails who and why….well funded by the same ones in secrecy who publicly yell for help and pose as humanitarians… what a joke..Do some research – not my place to name them.

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