Obama – 44th president of USA

Lets hope he gets it.

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8 Responses to “Obama – 44th president of USA”

  1. Ajee Euring Says:

    Well he got it and I think he deserves it because we have never had a black president so the recent presidents do not know about what African Americans go through so I think this will be a good change

  2. Jennifer A Says:

    Obama is more than a black president. He is a smart president who is trying to look past his own personal gain. That’s something that cannot be said for any of the candidates in the last 20 more years. He is an exceptional person who is knowledgeable about history, philosophy, and the most important thing is that he is willing to listen and willing to learn – again, something that can’t be said for McCain or Palin or most other presidents or presidential candidates.

  3. dredre Says:

    Change started already, but is limited and restricted to… “No one really knows” President Obama is a great person. I don’t know him but I heard him speak, he sounds smart knows a thing or two about politics from experience. But No one knows what’s really going thought his mind. The G8 wants to help change but why do we need them to helps us change when we can change on our own. Obama the G8 the UN, Canada, Europe and all the countries the whole world need to sit down on the table and speak something like this. This web-site is Great, none of the people ,counties or organizations named above will make a change without our help, we know all the problems that need immediate relief. Counties need to stop wasting time, money and resources. The truth is clear we need help, we need to act now and we don’t have unlimited resources. Counties need help from all of us; together we can change for good. And maybe we could make it for as long as time! Some problems are bigger than others but all could be tackle, so now that we started to make change governments will be more economically stable or at least most, Africa needs help and a lot of more countries also need all kinds all help from us, most people in north America live in the USA and Canada two great countries. In the USA the president is Obama in Canada the Prime Minister is Mr. Harper right now after the recession, Canada has already shown the market that it is in a strong economic position. People in Canada lost their jobs some haven’t found new ones and some must of found temporary ones just until they find better ones. But I never lost hope I knew the no matter how bad the recession was, not only Canadians but the whole world could recover the great depression was bad but people made it, not everywhere but this time around that has to be change the G8 and the UN need to make sure that we think ahead what I mean is that we need to recover in our specific countries we also need to work together to make sure our kids and our kids kids and their kids have a place to live. there is no better Joy than the one to be alive I know it made me happy to realise what it meant to be here right now going through the things I’m going through if we change THEY WILL .why wait for the G8, the USA and Canada and the UN and all off the “people involved” to do what we can do for our self’s they need our help and they should be asking for it the world problems will not be easy but we as humans need to fight the elements to make it through we don’t need wars or terrorist we need to take action of our governments. We the people in most cases elect who is in charge but in the USA the congress has a little to do with it , they set the rules but does rule are out of date things have changed. We need to communicate with the people making the decisions so that it is also our decision like I said we know all the problems we need help for. Obama Mr. Harper and all the other presidents wouldn’t do it on their own, we can help but we need to make them listen soon we will have thousands and thousands of new social innovators and soon the world will change the world is now divided and we need to find a way for all of us (no comment) so Obama is in control of one of the most powerful countries And he needs to help the entire world because of his power. Power we gave him we should be able to say what we want done and add and contribute on decision making. Countries have many problems and we need to address every one of them so that we can all be happy and be able to have a place to live. Wars are sad, so many good people die. Crime is not the problem governments are they don’t act soon enough but a bigger problem is the we still haven’t changed if we believe that we are going to elect a president or whatever and get our problems addressed we are not. In some small cases yes it happens but not like it should, is clear that Obama is head of state at a time for change but his change should not and can’t not last 4 or 8 years. Total change could take 20 to 40 years the sooner the better this planet is on shaky ground in more way the one. The ground will move from earthquakes and if we don’t act on global warming we could face a real big challenge. so world hunger and peace is a good start but it all starts with governments like the one Obama runs and all this countries related to the G8 so until till people change and start making a change we will just be wasting time that we don’t know how much we have. We need to stop fighting, listen to people and all agree to help each other. People in south and Central America have no hope without this. Counties in Africa and even Europe don’t either. Mr. Obama is at the top of the world and he needs to change now and help us all change if he doesn’t than who will, maybe the next president. Its unfortunate so much pressure he has, he needs to make us make it through this or his time as president would just been a waste of time. soon new presidents will come and maybe change more than ones before we make a real change but I really hope not .10 years is not a long time, but is not short either if we need to wait the next 5 years to get a good leader then we wouldn’t start to make a real change soon enough, hopefully things wound get to bad soon.

  4. Michael Gomez Says:

    President Obama, what can I say. Well we’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t. The tasks at hand are no easy tasks to tackle, and reguardless of the out come I am proud to have seen the day that America Finally got its first Black President, the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATS. Now with that out of the way back to how the tasks at hand are going to be rough and tough. These tasks that our beloved president Obama is taking on ranges from health care, and home forclosures, to new energy innovations, as we all know. Going back to what I stated earlier about the damned situation; the purpose of that statement is in reguards to Obama’s situation. He has all of these things to take care of which we all know he will not be able to do alone, and thats one key alone, and when it’s all said and done if there is still problems the blame will go all on him, (catch this though) and if he succeeds than it will be because he did not tackle this alone. If I were him I would approve of not having full credit because the US was made quote unquote “for the people, by the people”. With all that said I just want to close by saying that I have a tremendous amount of respect for you and faith in you President Obama our 44th president and our Frist Black President of the US. Peace and God be with you and the rest of the world.

  5. daleea Says:

    President Obama is good for us on so many levels. I hope that he succeeds in the reforms and changes that motivated us all to support him. He inherited problems that seem insurmountable. May other leaders realize that working for the good of the people is stronger than personal financial profits.

  6. Alastair Says:

    I think President Obama is making a significant impact over the world, it would be nice to see some of his changes that hes promised take action now e.g. a free healthcare system in america. I think the UK benefits so much from an NHS, and although funding for all these issues is impeckable it would be great to see a continent like America, who is striken in some part by poverty to allow to see this change occur.

  7. Mimi Says:

    Congratulations to America for electing Obama. To those people who complain that he hasn’t done enough or is doing too much, I would say, try walking in his shoes for one day. I am impressed by the scope of his plans and his willingness to push ahead with agendas that benefit us in the long term – not just to the next election. One of the things I had hoped he might be able to do was tone down the us vs them mentality which has taken hold in America. Unfortunately this train of feeling ignited and fueled by the previous administration seems to have become so deeply rooted in our society that it may not be possible to derail it. It feels as though it is impossible to make non partisan decisions any more which can only hurt the country and us as individuals.

  8. Kruno Says:

    Obama? Ok what he done so far? If u count out travelling around? Nothing…

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