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Plastic waste recycling press

August 16, 2009

Great stuff from Maker Faire Africa via Afrigadget.

“We’ve got a lot of plastic trash all over Africa, especially in the cities. A team from IDDS (Amit Gandhi from the US, and Mark Driordan from the UK) decided to create a way to add value to waste plastic by using a low-cost process to transform it into something useful: plastic sheets. From these sheets can be made a number of other products. On display they had shoes, bags, pencil cases and folders.”

See video here.

Image credit, Maker Faire Africa Flickr pool.

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Fablabs in South Africa

October 15, 2008

Fablabs (fabrication laboratory) are ‘a group of off-the-shelf, industrial-grade fabrication and electronics tools, wrapped in open source software and programs

South Africa has set aside R16-million to establish 10 Fabrication Laboratories, also known as “FabLabs”, around the country, providing disadvantaged communities with opportunities in the design, testing and
fabrication process.

Fablabs in South Africa are initiated by AMTS (Advanced Manufacturing Technology Strategy), which falls under the CSIR, there are several fablabs in South Africa; Pretoria, Soshanguve and Cape Town to name but a few.

With the resources and expertise available at Fablabs it would be great if a platform like Ponoko could be established to create another distribution outlet.

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September 22, 2008

Willowlamp is a small company in Johannesburg that produces very unique lights, particularly chandeliers. A combination of laser cut steel and ball chain (which is the what keeps your bath plug attached to the bath) creates beautiful organic shapes.

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Cape Craft & Design Institute

September 17, 2008

The Cape Craft and Design Institute is a joint initiative of the Western Cape Provincial Goverment, AMTS, DST and CPUT. The CCDI incorporates a Fabrication Laboratory (Fab-lab), this laboratory is a high tech facility with open-source design software linked to digital desktop manufacturing technology.

This means that people in the emerging creative class will have access to improve their economic situation, grow their business and learn new skills.

Erica Elk, executive director of CCDI says ‘We aim at design that makes a difference to quality of life in our developing world.’ from South African crafts: style and social investment, Pingmag 2006.

One of the success stories is the range of wire tables and stools produced by Willard Musarurwa and developed by New York designer, Steven Burks, as part of the Aid to Artisans programme. They are being marketed in Italy and Europe by Enrico Basson of Artechnika and are availabe at Weylandts in South Africa.

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