Design strategist interested in social and economic change through design and education, based in South Africa.

I primarily do research and forecasting to determine future design strategies to align with business strategies. What that means in plain English is listening to people and finding out the best way design products or services that are beneficial, not only to them but also the company in the long term. I look into sustainable solutions that are empowering, benefit people, increase profit and find solutions for the planet.

By managing research and development teams and data I deliver insights, opportunity spaces, and strategic direction using creative design processes and tools that are easy to use and understand by design teams and facilitate workshops to encourage group participation and ideation resulting in effective innovation.

I am a creative, analytical and holistic thinker while being pragmatic in determining outcomes. I understand design while having empathy towards people.

I specialize in design research in Africa for European, Asian and American design teams.

contact details; tait.dave at gmail dot com +27704059491

One Response to “About”

  1. Jepchumba Says:

    Hello There,
    My name is Jepchumba and I am a MA student in Digital Media. I am working on my thesis project which incorporates the launch of this site http://africandigitalart.com. The site is dedicated to providing african digital artists, enthusiasts, designers, and professionals a place to meet and network together. I am also conducting research on digital media in Africa. i would like an opportunity to learn more about your work and would love to schedule an informational interview. Feel free to contact me at contact@africandigitalart.com

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