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Tyred, old tires upgraded

February 23, 2010

With the Design Indaba Expo coming up in a few days time in Cape Town, there will be a lot of designa goods to view, including these great pieces from Tyred

"If you’re looking for durable furniture that is not only helping the environment, but also helping people find jobs, Tyred will have you burning rubber in no time. By taking used and old tires, Tyred create custom designed chairs, ottomans and tables that can be used indoors and outdoors. They use various materials from foam and leather to canvas and wood, meaning each piece of furniture can be made to your specifications and to fit the location in which you want to use them. While helping the environment, Tyred is also making a social impact by only employing men with families and attest to hiring more men as the need arises. "Design Indaba. 

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Other peoples rubbish, Heath Nash

February 14, 2010

Heath Nash is a sculptor living in Cape Town who has made his name by creating functional art from rubbish. Read the story of how Nash started working with waste material creating ranges such as Other People's Rubbish as "a possible form of future upliftment for a country in desperate need of employment opportunities, and as a way to promote the idea of recycling to a very unaware SouthAfrican public"

Image via GOOD

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