A Better World by Design

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Keep updated on A Better World by Design through Niti Bhan and Erik Hersman who is covering it on Afrigadget with photos here.

Todays (Saturday) schedule should be interesting; Paul Polak, Erik Hersman, Ken Banks and Niti Bhan talking early in the morning.

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  1. Alexander Baertl Says:


    The Earth Awards is a global search for creative, sustainable solutions and innovations designed for the 21st century. It provides a platform for individuals and organizations, enabling them to bring their visionary ideas to the eyes of a global audience. Held first in New York City in 2009, The Earth Awards will be hosted in other major cities around the world to promote its mission of bringing ecological thinking into popular culture. A prestigious and eclectic panel of creative thinkers have leant their support as members of our Selection Committee to judge the awards. All finalists will have the unique opportunity to pitch their project to world business leaders, who will help them to transform their designs into market-ready solutions. In 2010, The Earth Awards will be travelling to London where it will become a part of a world-class exhibition in sustainable design.

    We have assembled an eclectic selection committee of creative thinkers – including household designer names like Diane von Furstenberg and Philippe Starck, as well as entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson and Graham Hill, but also journalists and writers like Graydon Carter and Paul Hawken… – to review submissions.

    I would like to ask you to please help us spread the word by providing an email contact information to send our press release and call for entries.

    We are looking to engage a global audience of creative thinkers.

    Alexander Baertl

    The Earth Awards
    Submit to a better world


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