The global recession and foreign aid

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So, although Africa looks like it might be okay in the immediate future while the rest of the world collapses, there is a possibility that foreign aid will be affected; ‘there is also a danger that foreign aid might decline. But that’s based on two other events. One is that there’s a major recession in the US and Europe, or in the donor countries. And second, whether the spending allocations that governments make will lead to cutbacks in foreign aid.’ Shanta Devarajan, Chief Economist of the World Bank’s Africa Region, BBC.

Yes, there is a major recession and it look like promises made by the G8 are not on track, according to the DATA report, 2007, (pdf link).

If there is a dramatic decrease in foreign aid in the near future, now is the time to seriously think about alternatives. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

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8 Responses to “The global recession and foreign aid”

  1. aid credit Says:

    Is there any website that can give us a lots of information like what was stated here? Thanks for the Idea…

  2. Robert B. Lewis Says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Africans can always find a way out of a crisis. In Somalia if you cant depend on Foreign Aid and you dont want your waters over fished or your beaches polluted then do what comes naturally; its not as bad as it looks really. Comodity prices stay high because cargo ships charge more for transporting goods. This is a win for everyone, the Somalis, the freight carriers, the insurance companies and the various military units which patrol the waters. Everyone stays busy.

    I lived in Ethiopia for 2 years, will be in Djibouti this summer. Cant wait to get back. Au revior!!

  3. Allan Agumya Says:

    Some African countries no longer need aid for example Uganda, the economy may be on clutches but the country has enough human capital and abilities to strengthen its economy on its own without being spoon feed by aid from the G8. What we need is to empower our people with abilities to think and solve problems on their own to better themselves. It’s just like mathematics you can never learn to solve a mathematical problem if someone always does it for you. We don’t just need creativity; we need progressive creativity that will move Africans from poverty to greatness that will take our people from a wheelbarrow to a bicycle, to a motorcycle, to a car and eventually to the skies. That’s what we need, to empower Africans with ideas and abilities to think for themselves but not money, spoon feeding is never a good idea

  4. Nicole Says:

    I can think of two ides for this problem;

    1. The global recession promped many to reevaluate and limit their spending. If we can learn to survive on less as we have been doing through this time there is more to share with those less fortunate. If people can be educated to be more financially aware than they previously were then we may find that there may be more money available for NPOs to provide aid.

    2. If we are concerned that the aid currently provided may be reduced we can try to institute programs where the locals are taught the skills to continue the programs with less international personnel this may lower the costs enough to cover the diference if funding. An example of this could be a couple of people per villiage being taught basic nursing skills including diagnosis and treatment of common local diseases.

  5. Kruno Says:

    African nations have to turn to WHAT THEY HAVE , not to what the rest of the world is telling them what they MIGHT have. Quite simple – u cant grow grain in subsahara, so why force it? Ye there are plans to put up huge solar plants in that part, but nobody really thought WHERE will power go ( not to Africa), and how that will affect local/global climate.

  6. Gina Says:

    We only have to hope that once Europe will collapse Africa and African people won’t be exploited again!!

  7. top chef Says:

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