Project Masiluleke and Frog

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One of the stakeholders/partners in Project Masiluleke is Frog Design, see their take on the project here and have a look at their presentation.

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  1. Jack Says:

    For the first time in the history of the planet we are broadcasting into outer space in the universal language of digital. All civilizations in the cosmos, must, through evolution, invent computers to improve their societies. No matter what number systems they use they are forced to learn binary, so it is obviously the language of all intelligent life in the universe. Or at least the basis of interstellar communications. Life does not stop at the boundaries of the atmosphere, the entire universe is teeming with life, just like a jungle. Cellular transmissions broadcast our whereabouts into this jungle in binary, and may attract unwanted visitors. It is crucial then, that humanity lower its amplitude and not broadcast radio signals in digital farther than our moon until we can find out more about our cosmos. WiFi or low wattage transmission, would be the prudent choice limiting cellular output so that it may dissipate before leaving the atmosphere. Africa provides a novel opportunity to create small, repeaters attached to trees, or poles with a transmission radius of only a few hundred yards and powered by solar cells, or some Wifi network rather than exposing us to more danger from high wattage transmitters. We are, out on an arm of the Milky way, which means we are quite distant, we still have a chance to create a mute button. In the jungle noisy beehives are easily located by predators.

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