Google news-Africa

Lots happening in South Africa. They even have a HIV/TB advice gadget. I prefer the Project M approach, because it targets a much wider audience using mobile phones.  About two-thirds of all people infected with HIV, 22.5 million, live in Sub Saharan Africa according to the Global Health Council, 2007.

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2 Responses to “Google news-Africa”

  1. Alastair Says:

    A HIV/TB gadget is an amazing source to the african people and worldwide. It would be nice too see a healthcare free for all in africa, as people in the UK who have HIV have a greater life expectancy and more managable life and are able to complete the activities that are so urgently meaningful to them.

    In being creative, the world needs to get online and support the african nation in learning all about different conditions, medicine, treatments and ways to cure illnesses like malaria. We need an online database of Medics, nurses and other health professionals who can post blogs everyday that people around the world on their phones and online can access. This would give many people in africa the chance to learn about health and well being.


  2. josh Says:

    The proposal of information being more widely available through cell phones and blogs is an admirable idea,but how many in these places actually have access to computers and cell phones?They are the ones who need the vital information,not the people who arent even at such high risk.the only way such a plan would really solve any propblems would be if such technology was distributed to such places,or better yet,more docters actually there,along with much needed free healthcare,not siping coffe, typing on a blog.

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