Project H-Hippo roller redesign

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As mentioned before, I am really interested in how Project H is going to redesign the Hippo Roller. Looks like they have been doing some user testing and figured out they have to go back to the drawing board.

Some ideas that caught my eye, were localized manufacture and using alternative parts. That said, designing for severe conditions where skilled people are scarce if a product needs repairs, it would be better to minimize the amount of moving parts and simplify the product and its manufacture.

In order for this product to be accepted by people, lowering barriers such as cost and ease of use are critical. Just looking at how difficult it is to pull the roller up a relatively even slope and pouring seems to me that weight and size are the biggest issues here. Perhaps it would be a good idea to determine exactly how much water a family needs, how often they need it and what is the actual value a Hippo Roller delivers versus the difficulty of using it.

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2 Responses to “Project H-Hippo roller redesign”

  1. Westly Says:

    These pictures at this time are headed to being almost two years old. Maybe its been done already but if it has not. I just saw a picture of this great water delivery system being hand lifted to fill a bucket??? WHY has no one put in a food grade Hose in it that you can simply put your hand over and pull out over the edge to Siphon out the barrel??? WHY are you asking people who are obviously dead tired from dragging 25 gallons of water to where they need it now find a frien, and pick it up to disperse it??? PLEASE put a simple object like a Hose that is attached to the bottom of the barrel with a float at the other end so its always near the lid. So after they get the water where they want it they don’t have to break their backs to get it out of the barrel. But I am late in this game. Maybe someone thought of this already.

  2. Shtanto Says:

    Developing nations still have access to beasts of burden. You should tweak the axle and put 2 simple bearings on each side with fasteners for ropes, then put some pipe on the rope so the horse can stop the load rolling into the back of its legs.. Basic agricultural setups will have plough horses, oxen and donkeys that can squire up this type of setup handily.

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