Nokia-Calling All Innovators global developer contest

Just picked this up from Worldchanging, Nokia has announced Calling All Innovators, a global contest for developers to create mobile applications that will help to better society. This is a great opportunity for people out there to develop their ideas or to start working on a new ideas. The project is endorsed by Dean Kamen.
From the press release;

‘Calling All Innovators challenges mobile application developers worldwide to create applications that will enhance the use of mobile devices in real world scenarios, in one of the three following categories:
ECO-Challenge: Make a difference by submitting an application that will work to minimize mobility’s global environmental impact and develop ways to offer mobile solutions that help consumers make sustainable choices such as reducing their energy consumption or carbon footprint.
Emerging Markets: This category opens up new opportunities for developers to imagine the possibilities of pioneering applications and services impacting the daily lives of millions in developing nations, which could include solutions for education, health data access, infotainment, rural agriculture, or any other application that improves lives in emerging markets.

Technology Showcase: This is an opportunity to create and showcase compelling, experience driven applications, using any technology that runs on Series 40 or S60 devices, such as Flash Lite, Java, Python, or
open source. From a single-purpose application to completely community driven, this developer’s showdown will help open consumers’ minds about what an application can do.’

One area that should show a lot of entries is the Emerging Markets, I hope to see some great ideas concerning mobile education, this is one area I think Nokia can make a huge impact in the future.

More on mobile education soon.

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